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The art of Japanese cuisine

Discover how Sushi Gourmet revisits the classics of Japanese cuisine.

“Japanese food is not something to be eaten, but something to be looked at.”

Junichiro Tanizaki

For Westerners, sushi is the Japanese dish par excellence, but did you know that in Japan, it is only eaten occasionally? Discovered by chance, while trying to preserve fish in rice, sushi travels around the world, enriching itself with new recipes before arriving in UK & Ireland.

Our chefs learn how to slice the fish, like the most famous sushi chefs do, to get as close as possible to the perfect gesture. They shape the sushi and roll the makis in front of you, so that you can enjoy this culinary art. For our recipes, we draw inspiration from the great classics, while adding a touch of innovation. So you can taste sushi, sashimi and chirashis on our stands, and also discover our recipes for californias, crunch, spicey and our poké bowls.